Annette Melton is an Australian actress and model based in Sydney.

As a leading actress she has appeared on US crime series DEADLY WOMEN S6.E18 (Beyond Productions) as an American teenage killer. In short films such as TOO LATE as 'The Assistant' (produced by Frame Set & Match) and is currently working on the animated sci-fi short B.R.E.A.T.H.E. (Asua Productions) as 'AI'. She has also played the love interest in high profile music videos for Johnny Ruffo 'Take it Home' (Sony), Stan Walker 'Choose You' (Sony).

Recently Annette was cast as the lead in an up-comming episode of DEADLY WOMEN S8. This time playing the vengeful wife, directed by John Mavety. In this dramatic role she had to sing, speak with a southern accent and take direction from Grant Page when the scene called for stunt work. 

Adding to her skill set, Annette is also an experienced TV presenter and has hosted numerous media events for stage (live), television, videos and web series. Clients include NINE MSN/MSN, EA GAMES, PATRON TEQUILA, MOTIVE TV (Foxtel), GARNIER, MODEL CO, DAVID JONES, 888 POKER, AUTOSALON SHOW SERIES and FHM to name a few.

As a brand ambassador and personality, Annette has presented for and attended events on behalf of SIMPLOT (CHIKO), 888 POKER, AUTOSALON and the 888 POKER LEAGUE. Some of which have taken her to Europe, America, New Zealand and across Australia.

Her mixed beauty has landed her magazine covers for T3, ACCLAIM, VISUALIVIN and exclusive editorials for MAXIM AUSTRALIA, FHM AUSTRALIA and CANADIAN POKER PLAYER. Recently Annette played the hero girl in fashion film MNEMONIC, directed by Cisco Corea and James Browne. And is set to front a national print campaign for clothing brand LONSDALE LONDON. 

In her spare time, Annette connects with her followers on social media and through her blog SO MELTY. Behind the scenes she has been busy producing, directing and editing an online beauty series 'Backstage Secrets', where she presents with her good friend and professional make-up artist Sandra Wograndl.



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